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During the course of our work in the crisis field over twenty years LYNCH has developed a portfolio of pro forma, checklists and team room incident boards and documentation which can be invaluable tools in a crisis or emergency response.  These products are available to our clients and marketed as part of our services and can be customised to individual organisational requirements:-

Information Boards

Conveniently blown up to poster size these plasticised information boards can be written on with white board markers and erased for further use.  They are highly visible, portable, can be pinned or stuck to most surfaces and be conveniently rolled up when not in use.  The most common titles are:


Checklists are a recurring LYNCH theme and we actively encourage their usage as a vital crisis tool to improve efficiency and competency in crisis teams. Please call us to discuss our ever increasing suite of checklists.

Pro forma and other Documentation

Pro forma documents allow vital crisis information to be collected and handled in the same way for both analysis and information management.  As most information gathered in a crisis needs to be acted on and/or will be discoverable in the future, a process is better than a random harvest of post it notes, butchers paper or shreds of paper. Like checklists, new forms are constantly being modified and developed for specific usage. Please contact us to discuss our ever upgrading suite of pro forma.