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About Us

Kym Lynch - Principal

Kym LynchKym is an international consultant, speaker and lecturer on crisis and emergency management with twenty years experience in the field. In February 1999 she joined LYNCH.

Kym has worked with a broad range of clients assisting with:

  • All facets of crisis and emergency management
  • Image and reputation creation and sustainability
  • Media management
  • Executive and line management media training
  • Executive and line personnel media training
  • Executive and line personnel communications training
  • Support team media training:
    • Communications
    • Personnel

Prior to LYNCH she held various senior public affairs positions in a large multinational corporation, her last being Group Manager Public Affairs and Employee Communications responsible for global external affairs with particular emphasis on executive advice, issues management, media relations, crisis and emergency management, and external relationships/communications. 

Kym was also responsible for planning and writing operational crisis and emergency management response manuals and conducting various levels of response exercises and skills training. 

Between 1992 - 1999 she gained significant actual crisis response experience in Australia and internationally managing media and external affairs,working alongside executive and operational response teams and emergency agencies during and after major incidents.


Contact Kym: +61 409 184 193

Dick Lynch

Dick LynchDick has over 20 years corporate strategic planning and management experience in the transport, international trading and steel industries.

He is an experienced crisis management team member, having been involved in actual response, in addition to developing and directing crisis and emergency training for over ten years.

In September 1997 he established LYNCH to provide crisis and emergency consultancy services to the private and government sectors and this work includes:

  • Facilitation of senior management groups to deliver leadership and ownership of strategic management structures and systems;
  • Auditing for crisis & emergency management risk, safety practices, systems and plans;
  • Developing policy, systems and plans for senior crisis management teams and their support teams;
  • Developing policy, systems and plans for site based line management teams;
  • Delivering crisis team training (CMT, EMT and support teams);
  • Planning and writing scenarios for crisis and emergency management desktops, drills and simulations;
  • Directing desktops, drills and simulations.


Contact Dick: +61 419 392 042