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Our Services

Risk assessment, plan development and auditing, writing and auditing manuals, procedures, tools and checklists, team building, training and performance auditing and operational de briefing from actual events

Desk tops tailored for whole of organisation or specific team or personal skill training in crisis, emergency or issues management incidents. 

Simulation exercises written and role played for any incident or situation to test organisation and team readiness.  These exercises are designed to create “as real as it gets” conditions without actually suffering human, image or asset damage.  We have an extensive book of role players and media people available to staff these events at any size or level.

LYNCH is on the “callout team” for many companies should an incident occur. We have international crisis experience and networks throughout Australasia, SE Asia, Europe and North America.  It should be noted that we do not work under retainer conditions.

Real time advice as an advisor or part of your team

Media training for various levels of competence, analysis, strategy, press writing.

Individual or team workshops

Strategy, planning, programs, workshops

Convening and facilitation of seminars, conferences, workshops

Interview responders and crisis/emergency teams (and others involved ) in actual incidents to glean and record their experiences for analysis and recommendations